Press Releases

AMSI is on schedule to complete installation of its 1200 ton Cyril Bath stretch press in July of this year. This press is capable of forming skins 160” wide by 47 feet long and includes articulation jaws, a 1000 ton center ram with a 12 foot stroke and 500 ton overhead ( Bulldozer ) capacity. The press will be capable of forming sheet, plate and extrusions.

AMSI received third party accreditation through DNV for AS 9100.

AMSI kicked off the 2007 year with a Lean Manufacturing Kaizen Event. The three day event focused on the Sheet Metal & Route Departments.

The team was comprised of various individuals from all aspects of the manufacturing process. For some, this was their first evaluation of entire process from start to finish. This allowed identification of several non-value added procedures in the operations and set-ups. The end result: The group was able to eliminate over 50% of the set up time required to produce a series of parts on a weekly basis. This has allowed AMSI to provide a quicker delivery to our customer. With the success of this first event, and using it as an example of what can be accomplished over a short period of time, AMSI is planning the next Kaizen events due to be completed in the 2nd quarter.

AMSI received NADCAP re-accreditation on Age Heat Treatment and the AMSI Quality System. AMSI’s oven is 14 feet high by 35 feet long.

December 11, 2006
Teledyne Brown Engineering has awarded AMSI contracts to form and machine Domes Caps, “Y” Rings and Confidence Rings for the NASA CLV (Crew Launch Vehicle) Upper Stage Fuel Tank. These critical components are the latest in a long line of space-flight hardware manufactured by AMSI. Earlier programs included the Space Shuttle External Tank, Kessler fuel tanks, Atlas V and Lockheed X-33. AMSI’s reputation to fabricate very large structures for the commercial, military and space industries was a key factor in winning the CLV award.