Custome Supplier

Description Specification
Agusta Quality System AQM-002
Alcoa – SIE Quality System Alcoa-SIE Vendor Quality System Requirements
Alenia Aeronautica Quality System PAS G 02 and D.O. IAX G 02
Alenia Aeronautica Forming and rectification of metallic materials by 3 points bending ADET 0237
Bell Helicopter
Cessna 021961 Electrical Conductivity Testing of Aluminum Alloys CSTI 008, Rev. NC
Cessna 021961 Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys CSMP 003, Rev. H
Cessna 021961 Solvent Cleaning – Liquid CSFS 039, Rev. D
Cessna 021961 Hardness Testing of Metals CSTI 028, Rev. A
Cessna 021961 Quality System
Lockheed Martin, Denver Heat Treat of Wrought Aluminum AMS 2770
Lockheed Martin, Denver Pyrometry AMS 2750
Lockheed Martin Aero 006379 Hardness Testing NDTS-1500/1501
Lockheed Martin Aero 006379 Conductivity Testing NDTS-1500/1502
Lockheed Martin Aero 006379 Hardness/Conductivity of Aluminum 5PTPTL19
Lockheed Martin Aero 006379 Aluminum AMS-2772
Lockheed Martin Aero 006379 Aluminum STP 54-101
Lockheed Martin Aero 006379 Aluminum 5PTPDL03 Cancelled must use AMS2770/AMS2771 or AMS2772 as applicable
Lockheed Martin Aero 006379 Aluminum AMS-2770
Lockheed Martin, N.O. Identification and Marking STP 4501, Rev. J
Lockheed Martin, N.O. Forming of 7085 STP 1001, Rev. B
Lockheed Martin, N.O. Forming of 2195 STP 1011, Rev. A
Lockheed Martin, N.O. Packaging STP 4502, Rev. H
NADCAP Heat Treating AS7102
Northrop Grumman 006456 Heat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Alloy Parts AMS 2770
Northrop Grumman 006456 Forming and Straightening of Aluminum Alloys GSS 5300
Erickson Air-Crane General Approval